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Collins or Longman Dictionary a Difficult Choice Essay Example

Collins or Longman Dictionary a Difficult Choice Essay The choice of a dictionary – Collins or Longman? Nowadays many learners of English face a problem – which dictionary to choose as their main aid in learning the language. There is a variety of dictionaries from different publishers available at the market now, but we can focus here on two – Collins and Longman which are quite good reference books for everybody. Although they are both equally preferred by English learners, they posses a number of features which leave the buyer with not an easy choice. Collins, for instance, with its layout which makes looking up easier, clear definitions and specific vocabulary is by far better than Longman. The two dictionaries have their differences and perhaps that’s why they aim for the different group of users. Definition is the first thing the user confronts. That is – the place it occupies on the page of the dictionary. If it is clearly presented, there should be no difficulty with getting the idea of the word. Therefore Collins, unlike Longman, usually includes grammar information in the margin, which makes it easier for the user to find quickly either the desired meaning or the grammar references. In contrast, Longman’s grammar notes are inserted between the definitions. Consequently, it results in making the way to the needed meaning much longer. If the user managed to find the right definitions, he or she may now encounter problems with understanding them. In this respect Longman prevails. Why is it so? First of all, both dictionaries draw upon some kind of bank of words. Collins definitions are based on a wider range of vocabulary. That’s why they are more complicated and difficult to understand. However, Longman defining vocabulary comprises less words but nevertheless it may be good for less advanced learners. Collins definitions are undoubtedly more specific. We will write a custom essay sample on Collins or Longman Dictionary a Difficult Choice specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Collins or Longman Dictionary a Difficult Choice specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Collins or Longman Dictionary a Difficult Choice specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Learners of second or foreign language have a better opportunity of matching difficult English words (e. g. proper nouns) to the equivalents in their mother tongue. As far as the variety of English is concerned it appears as if Collins tends towards British rather than American English. It is definitely better for students who want to focus their attention on British English only (they want to emigrate to Britain for business purposes, for example) On the other side of this confrontation we have Longman which deals with both varieties of English more thoroughly. Collins does show the nuances between British and American English but it erhaps isn’t so much concerned with colloquial American English and slang. In this field Longman is more universal. Thus, it is more suitable for younger learners or just for those at lower level of proficiency. Moreover, what goes for register, Longman may be more useful for people who want to explore the informal language (those young people wh o look for the sense of their favourite songs, for example). The two dictionaries aim to provide excellent help in studying a language. In this process, Collins is for those who have already tasted what English really is whereas Longman is for the novices who want to become familiar with that taste.

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Causes of the Great Migration (1910-1970)

Causes of the Great Migration (1910-1970) Between 1910 and 1970, an estimated six million African-Americans migrated from southern states to northern and Midwestern cities. Attempting to escape racism and  Jim Crow  laws of the South, African-Americans found work in northern and western steel mills, tanneries, and railroad companies.   During the first wave of the Great Migration, African-Americans settled in urban areas such as New York, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Detroit. However, by the onset of World War II, African-Americans were also migrating to cities in California such as Los Angeles, Oakland and San Francisco as well as Washingtons Portland and Seattle. Harlem Renaissance leader Alain Leroy Locke  argued in his essay, â€Å"The New Negro,† that â€Å"the wash and rush of this human tide on the beach line of the Northern city centers is to be explained primarily in terms of a new vision of opportunity, of social and economic freedom, of a spirit to seize, even in the face of an extortionate and heavy toll, a chance for the improvement of conditions. With each successive wave of it, the movement of the Negro becomes more and more a mass movement toward the larger and the more democratic chance - in the Negros case a deliberate flight not only form countryside to city, but from medieval America to modern. Disenfranchisement and Jim Crow Laws African-American men were granted the right to vote through the Fifteenth Amendment. However, white Southerners passed legislation that prevented African-American men from exercising this right. By 1908, ten Southern states had rewritten their constitutions restrict voting rights through literacy tests, poll taxes and Grandfather clauses. These state laws would not be overturned until the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was established, granting all Americans the right to vote. In addition to not having the right to vote, African-Americans were relegated to segregation as well. The 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson case made it legal to enforce separate but equal public facilities including public transportation, public schools, restroom facilities and water fountains. Racial Violence African-Americans were subjected to various acts of terror by white Southerners. In particular, the Ku Klux Klan emerged, arguing that only white Christians were entitled to civil rights in the United States. As a result, this group, along with other white supremacist groups murdered African-American men and women by lynching, bombing churches, and also setting fire to homes and property. The Boll Weevil Following the end of slavery in 1865, African-Americans in the South faced an uncertain future. Although the Freedmens Bureau helped to rebuild the South during the Reconstruction period, African-Americans soon found themselves reliant on the same people who were once their owners. African-Americans became sharecroppers, a system in which small farmers rented farm space, supplies and tools to harvest a crop. However, an insect known as the boll weevil damaged crops throughout the south between 1910 and 1920. As a result of the boll weevil’s work, there was less of a demand for agricultural workers, leaving many African-Americans unemployed. World War I and the Demand for Workers When the United States decided to enter World War I, factories in northern and Midwestern cities faced extreme labor shortages for several reasons. First, more than five million men enlisted in the army. Secondly, the United States government halted immigration from European countries. Since many African-Americans in the South had been severely affected by the shortage of agricultural work, they responded to the call of employment agents from cities in the North and Midwest. Agents from various industrial sectors arrived in the South, enticing African-American men and women to migrate north by paying their travel expenses. The demand for workers, incentives from industry agents, better educational and housing options, as well as higher pay, brought many African-Americans from the South. For instance, in Chicago, a man could earn $2.50 per day in a meat packing house or $5.00 per day on an assembly line in Detroit The Black Press Northern African-American newspapers played an important role in the Great Migration. Publications such as the Chicago Defender published train schedules and employment listings to persuade Southern African-Americans to migrate north. News publications such as the Pittsburgh Courier and the Amsterdam News published editorials and cartoons showing the promise of moving from the South to the North. These promises included better education for children, the right to vote, access to various types of employment and improved housing conditions. By reading these incentives along with train schedules and job listings, African-Americans understood the importance of leaving the South.

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People Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

People Management - Assignment Example These other steps are of great importance in the marketing sector, where a good relationship with the customer is the ultimate goal( Armstrong, 37) Human resource is one of the most difficult and challenging resources to manage. Humans have emotions as opposed to machines which can be programed to do various tasks. Skills on management of people who are hard to manage are therefore very necessary. Most of the time the hardest challenges have the simplest solutions. First the managers have to accept that management is cumbersome and stop fighting it. This helps in approaching delicate employees’ issues with positivity. Secondly, they should face those issues head on and solve them promptly. In order to handle the challenges effectively, they should see them both from the managerial and employee perspective. Employees can sometimes be very difficult and stressful to deal with, therefore help from others like a colleague, a mentor or one’ own manager, would be very helpful. Their response about a given employee would be very critical in decision making. Setting up of clear and measurable goals is also an important to ol when evaluating individual employee’s performance. Lastly, they should view employees from the perspective of â€Å"a liability or an asset†. If an employee is an asset, keep him/her but if a liability let go (Richardson, 36). 1. Have a one-on-one discussion with her. Make her free to present her case and listen carefully to her concerns. This will help in coming up with an amicable solution to her problems. Listening to her would save the day because there could just be a mere misunderstanding. 2. Provide her with a crystal clear behavioral feedback. This would involve telling her what she should do differently to regain the trust of the customers. This may entail transferring her to another branch to meet new customers (Neil, 80). 3. Make a list of the mistakes Alexander has

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Topic of the paper will focus on a criminal case that has been Essay - 1

Topic of the paper will focus on a criminal case that has been adjudicated by the United States Supreme Court and has implications on the criminal justice system - Essay Example The court thus proceeded to assign him one by the name of Kirk McAllister who was a veteran defense lawyer. As the case proceeded, however, Scott Peterson later stated that he would be able to afford a private attorney after all and hired the services of Mark Geragos who had handled other high profile cases similar to his (Crier & Thompson, 2005). The judge appointed to the case later on moved the trial from Modesto, California where the crime had been committed to Redwood City in the year 2004 due an increase in hostility towards the defendant (Scott Peterson). The judge felt that due to this hostility, the judge felt that Scott would not be able to receive a fair trial in Modesto as individuals in that region had already perceived him as guilty and it would have been impossible to get a non bias jury in that area (Beratlis et al, 2007). The hostility was due to the type of coverage that the case received from the media. (Bird, 2005) The news had already portrayed Scott Peterson as an inhumane individual who was accountable for the death of an innocent woman and an unborn child. They covered the story as if the defendant was guilty, and the process of the trial was just a preliminary to the inevitable end result of a guilty verdict. In order to ensure that Scott Peterson would be able to get a fair trial, the judged moved the case to another area away from Modesto, where the residents felt bereaved as they had lost one of their own. It should b noted, however, that the coverage of the country was country wide, and thus it cannot be said how much the move changed matters in terms of the defendants portrayal (Beratlis et al, 2007). The main witness of the prosecution also hired her own attorney who played a big role as a sympathizer to the prosecution as she was not bound by the gag order that prohibited the others who were involved

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Political Issue Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Political Issue - Essay Example Because of the Cold War period and the uncertainties it brought to the American citizens, the administrations supposed it was essential to stiffen down and take control (Hoffman, 2012). To do this, they called for more controls to the executive subdivision. The political ideology of the Americans vary on the classical liberalism; consequently, the ideas in most cases are alike. For instance, a bigger population of the United States believes in limited government, the perfect market, and individual freedom. On particular occasions, the two major political parties in the United States tend to have a controversial opinion from one another whereby one tend to lean to the right while the other lean to the left. There can also be a case in which the issues emanate in a particular party, for instance, the Democrat party having the problem amongst its members. In America, political scientist organizes the political ideologies with respect to how they affect the political government in the country. The liberalism and the conservatives always represent the two ends of the political situations in America. American liberalism posits that the state is supposed to act so as to bring the equality amongst the citizens. Traditionally, the liberal clust er has been working towards the civil rights of the Americans and the minority group. Conservatives have always come out stronger in defending the government than the liberalism. However, in the late twentieth-century liberalism and conservatism in strengthening the military status of American and more often than not, they got involved in the war. For instance in 1960s, the American president, John F. Kennedy increased the spending so as to strengthen the security while Lyndon Johnson on the other side of the ideology played a significant role in Vietnam War. The American conservatism contends that the primary duty of the

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The History Of Jean Watson caring Science

The History Of Jean Watson caring Science Summary Jean Watson born in 1940 earned a diploma from Lewis Gale Hospital School of Nursing in Roanoke, VA. Watson furthered her education and attended the University of Colorado for her BSN, MSN in psychiatric-mental health nursing and Ph.D. in educational psychology and counseling. Watson has held numerous positions at the University of Colorado as both faculty and administrator. Watson served as faculty at the University of Colorado Health Science Center, dean of the School of Nursing, and fouding Dorector of the center for Human Caring. Watsons first publication was in 1979 and this was the introduction of the theory of Transpersonal Caring to the nursing profession. Watsons theory focuses on preserving the dignity and wholeness of humanity. Transpersonal Caring theory evolved from Watsons own personal values, beliefs, and perceptions regarding human life, health, and healing. (Walker, 1996, p. 144) Watson views nursing as a collective caring-healing role and its mission in society as attending to, and helpting to sustain, humanity and wholeness (Walker, 1996, p. 144). The thoery is meant to be a worldview or ethic by which nursing could know its traditions in health and healing. Watson views nursing as an human science academic discipline and as an clinical profession. The theory views nursing as a societal mission to caring and healing work with others during their most vulnerable moments of lifes journey (Walker, 1996, p. 145). The theory analyzes caring independently from curing. The discipline of caring and hea ling are derived from the arts and humanities. Watsons theory was based on Nightingales healing environment concept. The theory evolved from the belief that an individuals environment affects their healing. The theory began as a philosophy and was never meant to be a testable theory. Watsons goal for the theory is to move nursing from the belief that the human body is a machine to the belief that the interdependent and nondiscrete nature of a world and the spiritual nature of humans is of paramount importance (Watson, 1985, p. 1) Watson defines health as harmony, and illness as disharmony within the mind, body, and spirit. Eastern philosophy influenced Watsons theory on health and illness. In Watsons later works her influence was the Chaos Theory by Kellert and the quantum physics and mechanics by Pelletier (Walker, 1996, p. 191) Watsons goal is to serve as a bridge by which nursing will transition from a biomedical/natural-science model to a postmodern/human-science perspective. Watson believes language is the key to transitiong nursing from the biomedical/natural-science model to the postmodern/human -science model (Walker, 1996, p. 146) Watson (1999) believed nursing is a discipline devoted to caring, health, and healing. Watsons theory has continued to evolve in regards to her concepts. The main components of her origninal theory are: transpersonal caring relationship; ten carative factors; and caring occasion/caring moment. These components defined her orignial concept of transpersonal caring which was defined as a human-to-human connectedness occurring in a nurse-patient encounter wherein each is touched by the human center of the other (Watson, 1985). In Watsons updated theory new dimensions evolved and included the concept that the caring-healing modalities potentiate harmony, wholeness, and confort, and promote inner healing by releasing some of the disharmony and blocked energy that interfere with the natural healing processes (Walker, 1996, p. 151) The transpersonal caring relationship is a strong relationship between nurse and patient. The relationship is a unique relationship for the both the nurse and patient. A nurse enters into the life space or phenomenal field of another person and is able to detect the other persons condition of being (spirit, or soul level), feels this condition within self, and respons in such a way that the person being cared for has a release of feelings, thought , and tension (Walker, 1996, p. 152). Watson believes the necessary knowledge and sensitivity a nurse needs to build a transpersonal caring relationship with their patient can be gained through work with other cultures, study of the humanities, and exploration of ones own values, beliefs, and relationship with self (Walker, 1996, p. 153). Watson wanted the theory to apply to all nurses in any situation and make use of its carative factors in implements and delivering quality nursing care. Weaknesses The first limitation in Watsons theory is the lack of relevancy to todays nursing. Due to the acuity of illness and nurse patient ratios following Watsons theory doesnt seem practical. Watsons model continuously focuses on the spirit, and has a lack of emphasis on the physical entities of an individual. Watsons model would deem difficult to practice for nurses who focus care on the physical aspects and the treatment of illness. Watsons theory focuses on the human care process and not on the therapeutic nature of care (Rafael, 2000, p. 402) Individuals who believe the physical is separate from the spiritual may find this theory unpractical. Watson continuously focuses on the psychosial aspects and need of patients, and this is a secondary concern in the current state of nursing practice. Watsons theory also deems itself to be impractical because it calls for a level of care that is simply impossible in an environment where there is a high acuity of illness, short hospital stays due to lack of insurance, and an increased level of technology which limits the amount of time needed to spend with a patient. In the current business focused era and a bureaucratic health care system, Watsons model would prove to be extremely difficult for nurses to implement. The broad gap between the nurse caring process and the clinical reality, have some authors suggesting that this gap reduces clinical relevance. (Morse, Solberg, Neander, Bottorff, Johnson, 1990, p. 8) Nurses would find current hospital policies and practices would limit their flexibility to implement this theory. The health system follows a different set of values and beliefs and would stand as a barrier for nurses whom choose to follow these principles. Implementation of Watsons theory would require a change from the public and movement away from the idea of treatment and towards healing and caring. Watsons theory would require the restructuring of our entire health system, and rebuilding into a healing focused health care system. Strengths Watsons theory has been criticized by many, but is transformative and brings the caring aspect back to nursing. The theory guides the nurse to focus on the individual and requires the selective use of technology. The theory requires the use of technology only for the enhancement of healthcare practices, and not as the sole guiding factor in healthcare. Watson insists that the nurse focuses on the subjective experience of the patient, to facilitate restoring inner harmony and potential healing (Morse et al., 1990, p. 9) Watson calls the nurse to go beyond the duties of providing standard quality of care, but requires the nurse to provide soul satisfying care. Watson believes it is morally imperative and an obligation to care for the patient and their spiritual needs, regardless of the nurses experience or abilities. This notion also coincides with Leiningers Culture Care theory in requiring the nurse to provide non-judgmental and non-biased culturally competent care. Watsons theory allows the nurse to be flexible in their practice. The theory doesnt require the nurse to follow a set standard or tool. Transpersonal Caring theory focuses on the individual and not the disease or illness. The theory allows the nurse to utilize different interaction methods with different individuals. The theory grants the nurse the ability to adjust their approach and style of care based on the needs of each individual as separate entities and apart from their disease. The adjustment allows the nurse to have a transpersonal moment with their patient in which ones mind-bod- soul engages with anothers mind-body-soul in a lived moment. Here a spiritual union is felt with the other person (Rafael, 2000, p. 402) Watson brings the patient back to focus and eliminates the other common distractors such as technology and illness. By eliminating these distractors Watson is allowing the nurse to meet each patients physical and spiritual needs. Betty Neuman: The Neuman Systems Model Summary Betty Neuman born in 1924 in Ohio received her nursing diploma from Peoples Hospital in 1947 in Akron, Ohio. Neuman later received her B.S. in public health nursing in 1957 and her M.S. public-mental health in 1966 from UCLA. In 1985 she obtained her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Pacific Western University. Neuman has worked as a bedside nurse, teach, author, lecturer, and consultant. Neuman was the first nurse licensed in California as a marriage and family counselor. The Neuman Systems Model was developed in 1970 in response to graduate students requests for a course that would provide an overview of the physiological, psychological, sociocultural, and developmental aspects of human beings (Fawcett, 2001, p. 211). The model was first published in 1972 and five editions have been published with the last edition in 2010. The model was established during the period of general systems theory and is a holistic model based upon interactions and relationships. Neumans System Model consists of two major components stress and the reaction to stress (Neuman, 1995, p. 22). The model has four major concepts in relation to nursing which are: human being/individual, environment, health, and nursing. The model is an open system and defines the individual as a human being, the community, or a family. The goal of the system is to maintain balance and stability. Neuman allows the individual to maintain balance by utilizing resources within and outside of the system, or eliminate internal or external factors that affect the individuals ability to maintain stability. Factors that disrupt an individuals ability to maintain stability are called stressors. Neuman views stressors as either negative or positive and deem them capable of having this same effect on the individual. The model requires the individual to utilize and exchange with its environment. The individual may adjust itself according to the environment or adjust the environment as long as the ultimate goal of stability is met. The physiological psychological, sociocultural, developmental and spiritual factors are considered the core of the model. If the individual has maintained stability then these factors functions harmoniously amongst each other in spite of environment and stressors. Neuman believes when these factors are working together harmoniously and optimal stability has been attained then the individual has also obtained a greater level of wellness. Neuman utilizes wellness and health interchangeably and identifies these factors as optimal system stability, or the optimal state of wellness at a given time (Neuman, 1990, p. 129). The levels of health vary and is based upon the individuals response to its environment and stressors. The model identifies illness and death as requiring more energy that what is available, and wellness as requiring less energy than what is available or generated (Neuman, 1990, p. 129) Neuman utilizes prevention at the levels of primary, secondary, and tertiary to maintain stability (Fawcett, 2001, p. 213). Primary prevention is health promotion and maintenance and is utilized when a risk is identified and before its onset. Secondary prevention occurs after the risks onset and is utilized to prevent further injury and disability. If secondary prevention is unable to maintain stability the individual will move towards tertiary prevention. Tertiary prevention is maintaining maximum stability even with a disability to promote health and return to primary prevention. Neuman defines nursing as helping the individuals system attain, maintain, or retain system stability (Fawcett, 2001, p. 211). Neuman identifies the job of the nurse to accurately assess the individual and identify the stressors to their system, and assist the individual in making adjustments that will promote optimal health and wellness. By identifying and assisting the nurse stands as the linkage between the individuals system, its environment, and health. The nurses interventions are aimed at helping the individual maintain a level of stability. The level of stability must be maintained under the conditions of the environment and possibly stressors if the factors are unable to be eliminated. The nurse must assist the individual in maintaining stability under these conditions and minimize the amount of energy consumed by the individual. The model identifies a three-step process for the nurse and consists of the nursing diagnosis, nursing goals, and nursing outcomes. The Nursing Dia gnosis consists of the assessment and diagnosis of each individual. The second step Nursing Goals consists of the identification and planning phase. The final step Nursing Outcomes is the implementation and evaluation phase. (Fawcett, 2001, pp. 212-213) Weaknesses The major weakness identified in Neumans model is the ambiguity of the terms used in the model. Clarification is needed regarding the terms interpersonal stressors, extrapersonal stressors, and reaction. Gigliotti (2003) noted that linking statements (relational propositions) between stressors and the environment should be clearer (Gigliotti, 2003, p. 203). The reader can assume that interpersonal stressors occur between two people and extrapersonal stresors occur between a group or society and the person, but this is not clearly defined in Neumans literature. Hoffman (1982) analyzed the NSM and explored its use for theory construction concluding that the concepts of the NSM were defined and proposed that concept interrelations be further investigated so that relational hypotheses could be formulated (Gigliotti, 2003, p. 203). The differentiation between interpersonal and extrapersonal is not clear. The pictorial diagram of Neuman Systems Model includes the term reaction, but in the original model the term reaction is not clearly defined or discussed. The second weakness identified in Neumans model is the inconsistence use of the concepts health, environment and nursing. Neumans literature identifies health, environment, and nursing as major concepts within the model, but these concepts do not appear in the models diagram. Neumans diagram is considered to be an important representation of her model, but major concepts are eliminated from the model. Gigliotti (2003) noted that the definitions of essential concepts that Neuman had then supplied were adequate but the definitions of health, environment, and nursing needed clarification (Gigliotti, 2003, p. 203). Major concepts stated and continuously used within Neumans literature should be identifiable and noted within the pictorial explanation of the model. Strengths A major strength in Neumans model is its ability to be widely used within nursing. Neuman reports that the model was designed for nursing but can be used by other health disciplines (Fawcett, 2001, p. 212). If all nurses and other disciplines utilize this model then a consistent approach to health care will be facilitated. If all disciplines utilize the same model, established by Neuman, perhaps redundancy and errors will be limited across health care disciplines. Redundancy would be eliminated and the patient would only have to explain their needs or story once to all health care disciplines, rather than, having to tell the same story many different times. The second strength in Neumans model is not only can it be used across other health care disciplines, but can be utilized within all areas of nursing. Neumans model is flexible in the sense that it can be used in the areas of research, administration, education, and clinical practice all within nursing. The third edition of Neumans model highlights the use of the model in all areas of nursing throughout the United States, Australia, Canada, England, Holland, Sweden and Wales (Fawcett, 2001, p. 211). The widespread use of this model illustrates its universal applicability. Neuman highlights this applicability as crucial during the current state, in which, the nursing profession has an increased need for unity within the discipline. Neuman believes the systematic Nursing Process format has been especially relevant as a guide for practice, despite all of the social and professional changes that nursing continues to experience (Fawcett, 2001, p. 212).

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What is the Significance of This Article to Executive/Strategic Think :: essays research papers

Article summary: Audi had faced lots of problems in the U.S. market, and the problem is because Audi has a weak and unclear image in the market and that is why they only sold 83,000 cars in 2001. Their aim is to get 200,000 cars a year, with this image it will take them a long time to get to there goal. So, their plan is to make a huge advertising campaign to make their image look better in the market. They will start advertising in networks like CNN, and NBC; also they will advertise through magazines and newspapers like The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and New Yorker. Their main target is to avoid the crises they went through when they had a defect in their design which caused an uncontrolled acceleration in their vehicles, and that made sales to go way down. And their main customer target is the people who are intrested in buying luxury cars such as BMW. The new step that Audi is presiding to benefit from is their new TV advertisement, which is going to be a two minutes long. They want their Ad to include about Audi history and how they are the first people to have all-aluminum vehicles, which they are light and more strong and they say it is safer from steel. Moreover, they will include information about the car variable transmission, which give the car better fuel efficiency and more power than other automatic cars. CNN had agreed to run the ads and that is a huge step for Audi. CNN decision will effect the other ad?s and it will limit them with the time they have to put there ad?s on the channel, this ad campaign is the first of its kind and CNN will be the first channel to do such thing. My Interpretation on the article: I think what Audi is doing the best thing, because their image was ruined when they had a defect in their cars, so they have to rebuild their trust with the people.

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Mount Everest and Peak Climb Mt

The book I chose for my independent reading project was Peak by Roland Smith. My favorite character in this book is Peak Marcello. Peak is my favorite character because he is smart, caring, and brave. I can’t believe that he climbed a skyscraper! I wish that I had the climbing skills that he has. It seems like Peak has been climbing his whole life, probably because his father, Josh Wood, is a professional climber and he taught him how to climb. Since Peak’s mother, Teri Marcello, fell of a 30 ft. wall when she was free-climbing and broke her back and shattered her hip, I agree with her that climbing is very dangerous.I think the relationship between Peak and his father is interesting because Peak’s father hasn’t been around much in his life, but when Peak got in trouble he was there. I also think that the relationship is interesting because Peak doesn’t call his father â€Å"dad,† he calls him by his first name. Because Peak got in a lot of t rouble and had to leave the U. S. and live with his father in Thailand, I felt sad when Peak’s two younger twin sisters started to cry because they knew that they wouldn't be seeing their role model for a long time.I think that Josh only let Peak live with him because he was 14, and if he reached the summit of Mt. Everest before his next birthday, he would be the youngest person to ever climb it. I want to know more about Zopa, the man who is helping Peak climb Mt. Everest. I know that he was a Sherpa, which are mountain people who live on the slopes of the Himalayas. He is also a Buddhist monk but has gotten permission to put aside his vows for a couple of weeks to help Peak.I like the way that the author wrote the book because it is very easy to understand what is going on. If I were Peak right now I would be so confused because so much is happening in such a small amount of time, and I’d be scared because I am afraid of heights and I don’t know if I would wan t to climb Mt. Everest. I can’t believe that Peak is so calm during this time and isn’t freaking out like I would be. I predict in the future that Peak will have a closer relationship with his dad and will be the youngest person to climb Mt. Everest.

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Turabian Method

Turabian Method Edited by the University of Chicago Press, the Turabian method of style has become universal. Its descriptions of and instructions for solid writing have enamored students young and old. Replete with examples for easy understanding, the Turabian method has become a standardized version of modern writing. The Freedom of Turabian When it comes to citations, fewer styles give the freedom that the Turabian method does. You can choose from a more formal note-based version of documentation, or you can opt for parenthetical citations. Both include a reference list at the end of the document, alphabetized by authors surnames. Recently, the University of Chicago has reissued the Turabian style guide. In fact, it now comes filled with current answers for the modern writer. Integrating technology into its proper place in the writing field, the Turabian manual has become even more valuable for writers today. Certain companies have adapted this Turabian method into their software. The result is a stunning, easy-to-use interface that makes citations and style more accessible. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can begin writing in Turabian style.

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Transitions words and phrases for essays †

Transitions words and phrases for essays Academic and professional writing is immensely important component of college curriculum. Students are assigned to write extraordinary essays, good papers, conduct researches, analysis. Results should be presented in clear academic language. To convey ideas and points clearly, the experienced writer applies transition words and phrases. Transition words and phrases are important elements. They display relationships between different parts of one sentence or abstracts within one text. They help introduce idea, result, contrast, creating coherent text. Most students know that transition words and phrases are like bridges between long sentences. Numerous articles have been dedicated to this topic on trustworthy resources. It is the fact - not every student understands the difference. They tend to misuse words used to express different purposes or make connections between sentences. Following article will give you a better understanding of classification and usage of linking words. You will find how to write texts that are easy to read. HELP WITH MY PAPER Transition Words and Phrases Classification Correct usage of linking phrases depends on how well you understand their meaning. The better you know how to write paragraphs using them, the more effective it is. Each transition phrase has its purpose, idea and influence upon the reader; words can be split into four main categories with subcategories. In each category, the words are classified depending on what you (writer) want to show. Additive Transitions At large, category includes words and phrases that add idea, introduce or show similarity with something that has been mentioned in abstract or sentence before. The category is divided into six subcategories with various purpose and reason: addition introduction reference similarity identification clarification Sometimes students experience difficulties with words giving reference – speaking about (this), considering (this), with regards to (this), etc., which is basically the tool to return back to a specific idea, go forward, or emphasize the connection. Examples: Speaking about wedding, I loved the dress of the bride! John has never been to England before. Let alone, London. Doctor James spent three years working on his report; moreover, he did not ask anyone to help him. He did everything on his own. To tell the truth, I was reluctant that I was not invited to the dinner; I did not want to see his family. Merry was not a movie lover; for instance, last time we went to see a movie, she was complaining about neighbours eating popcorn. The contract covers force majeure cases, including fire, storm, heavy rains, and earthquakes. Adversative Transitions Adversative transitional words are used waiting for-and-against essays. To make the text coherent presenting contradictory points or facts, the writer uses adversative transitions. He/she introduces traditional view. He/she gives the reader a reasonable argument supporting another idea. Reading text, you can feel smooth transition from one sentence to another. This category lists words and phrases to make emphasis, present contrary arguments, make concession, dismissal, and, finally, replacement. Examples: Products grown without any biochemical are healthier. Yet, it is difficult to protect them from insects. It is difficult to find a good lawyer these days, but, once, you have found one, you will get a decent legal support regarding any matter. We have not received response form the commission yet. In any case, we will continue working on this project. The candidate must have a good command of Italian, or at least, upper-intermediate level to prepare and submit reports. GET YOUR A-GRADE Causal Transitions This category is subdivided into different subcategories to put emphasize and show cause, reason, effect, result, and purpose. These linking words present consequence and condition and create coherent relationships. Causal transitional phrases create smooth transition from one sentence to another; they make it understandable and logical to read. Examples: As a result of bad weather, numerous flights have been delayed. For the purpose of gathering technical staff members of the board, human resources department is obliged to reschedule our meeting. On condition that the results are positive, we will have a small party to celebrate. In order to get the parcel by the deadline, I called the agency twice but nobody answered. Sequential transitions The last important category left is sequential transitional words. The category includes subcategories, mainly, numerical, continuation, conclusion, digression, resumption, and summation categories. This group shows chronological sequence, summarizes what has been stated before, or help add logical sequence. Examples: First of all, I would like to express gratitude to everyone, who participated in this exhibition. To summarize, I would like to say that finally, we have made a great discovery that will help cure this disease. To get back to the point, please look at the second slide again. If you still in doubt and do not know how to use transitional elements properly - find professional writer's help! List of transition words and phrases Usage of Transitions Effectiveness of the text depends on correct usage of transition words. To present ideas clearly, writer should feel where to use specific word that will create a link. Excessive usage of transitions makes the text â€Å"cluttered†. Before you start working on your essay or paper, consider which ideas and the order in which you want to present them. Think of links you can use to make connection between ideas. Transitional words and phrases will help you create corresponding relationships. Do not forget about logical summary; it is important to remember - the same transition should not be used many times. Use words from the same category and subcategory, if you need to make a similar link. Instead of using the word â€Å"finally† twice, you can use â€Å"in summary† or â€Å"in conclusion†. HELP ME WRITE MY ESSAY The right usage of linking phrases will improve your academic writing skills and increase scores that your papers and essays get. Write texts that are efficient, easy to read and logical.

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Exporters Having Problems in the United Kingdom Case Study

Exporters Having Problems in the United Kingdom - Case Study Example Analysis: This was one proof of how environmental groups apply pressure on exporters through large UK companies. They cite that if another supermarket chain, Sainsbury's, can do it (that is, sell apples sourced from Britain), then Tesco should be able to do it. Tesco denied the claim and promised in 2003 that it would not import apples from August through February from any Southern Hemisphere country, notably New Zealand, Chile, and South Africa. An article in the Wall Street Journal mentions the case of Haagen-Dazs chocolate-covered ice-cream bar. The label does not mention any genetically modified ingredients listed there, but consumers who question the company about it are sent a letter stating that the bar's chocolate coatings, in fact, contain soy oil that "may have been derived from genetically modified soya, but it is identical to any other soya oil and therefore does not contain any genetically modified material." The letter adds, "We are, however, investigating whether there are suitable alternative oils." In another case, AstraZeneca was forced to take off the market a bioengineered tomato puree. Despite outselling other popular and more expensive brands, the genetically modified food controversy affected its sales negatively until the company, AstraZeneca, had to pull out the product from the supermarket chain J. Sainsbury PLC. Analysis: This case illustrates the paranoia in the UK about genetically-modified foods, even though there's no proof that bioengineered foods pose any health risks. As Haagen-Dazs did, the best way to address the problem is to be forthright in admitting the scientific fact that genetically modified soy is identical to any other soya. It can be funny, but it's true, that there is not much difference, scientifically, between soya that is modified through naturally occurring genetics and one that is genetically modified in the laboratory. In the case of the tomato puree, a successful product, despite being labeled genetically engineered and proven to be a good one, suffered. This could have been avoided if the company came up with a more forthright communication plan to show that genetically modified tomato puree was, as Haagen-Dazs did with soya, better than any other tomato puree. Â  

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Company's Changes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Company's Changes - Essay Example Organizational change can be defined as a conscious effort on the part of the management of change agents of an organization to keep a constant watch on the environmental forces of an organization to audit their impact and influence on the business concerned and to find out actions programs through strategies to maintain the balance between the two different forces. The present study has been conducted in lieu to analyze the various forces influencing the change within an organization; the various factors causing hindrances in the process of change and looks to propose an action plan through which the organization can identify and overcome the forces against change and implement the process of change to achieve the desired organizational objective (McMillan, 2008, p.108). System theory is a particular concept that was initiated from economics, biology and engineering. These aspects used to explore several significant laws and principles, which can be comprehensively, implemented acro ss several organization systems (Burke, 2010, p.61). .On the other hand, complexity theory can be defined as the assessment of diversity or the heterogeneity and several external and internal environment factors, such as customers, departments, socio-politics, suppliers and technology. Most importantly, the complexity organization change theory used to focus on the micro-level parts in a complex organizational system. This theory can be applied after the overall outcome and engagement behaviour. In terms of the specific multinational organization basis on the case study, it is feasible that several operational, marketing and human resource problems are affecting the business performance of the organization. It is feasible from the case study that, the organization is tending to expand their business in retails. Moreover, the organization is focusing on the customer development aspect as they are tending to enter in the global retailing sector (Bell, 2008, p.22). Therefore, it is nec essary for an organization to develop an effective marketing strategy. Moreover, the organization needs to implement effective HR policy n order to provide effective business output. It is feasible from the case study that, the organization is suffering from several problems, such as in adequate establishment of marketing and support activities, lack of flatter and virtual organizational hierarchy and poor HR policy. In order to overcome these issues, the multinational organization needs to implement organizational change in order to achieve the business objective. The major objective of the study is to propose an organizational change process strategy and idea for the specific multinational organization in order to overcome those problematic issues. Moreover, as the organization is tending to enter in the retailing business and trying to establish customer development process in their global business process, therefore, an effective organizational change process is importantly requ ired. Challenges Experienced By Company’s Management and Critical analysis Organizational change is critical to the success of an organization. However there is very little doubt over the fact organizational change is usually inflected by various external and internal challenges. The organization discussed in the present context of the study is also not an exception when it comes to dealing with challenges (Buchanan and Huczynski, 2010, p. 221). One of the major problems faced by the organization is of over capacity. Over capacity is a phenomenon in which