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Personal Value Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Personal Value - Essay Example In the light of these two classifications regarding personal values, I consider my family to be the most prior entity in my life on which all of my personal values are based upon. My personal values and its association with my family will be explicated in this paper. I belong to a Vietnamese background where following parents’ order is one of the most important value. My parents have shaped my whole personality and fundamental education in which the development of my personal values is a significant part. As these two factors have played an immensely sufficient role in the development of personality, my whole life has been led in concordance with the decisions and desires of my parents. All of the values which are my priorities are being transferred to me by my parents. It is certainly critical for many individuals to consider is as independence or liberty, but it has never displeased or dissatisfied me because they have never suggested anything which can pose grave consequenc es for me. It is mainly because of their experience of practical life which is certainly more than my experience. As much as I have examined their teachings with a critical frame of mind, I have explored that they have always intended to give the society amorally good and valuable individual in the form of their daughter. In this regard, my most important personal value has become caring for others. They have taught me to be a selfless person that has illuminated some other important personal values that are honesty and forgiveness. These personal values are directly associated with my parents which is the reason why I consider myself to be a family person. In addition to these significant values, my religious teachings, that is Buddhism, which was also delivered in me by the parents, has added the value of kindness in my life. I believe in karma, that is why I intend to be a good person in order to lead a good life. In the light of personal values and my intense level of belongingn ess with my family, I try to lead a selfless, caring and helping life and to satisfy my family to the best that I am capable of delivering. This is the major goal of my life which has been developed by the upbringing which I have acquired from my parents. There is another significant personal value which I appreciate mainly because of my parents. This value is education. My parents have always suggested for me to acquire higher education. As I always follow my parents, I acquired education and by the education I have understood the importance of education to lead a good life. It has developed my intellectual capacity to a significant level from where I can fruitfully consider the difference between good and evil. Education has also assisted me to realize the significance of my personal values which have been intensified and has become more demonstrable in my behavior. The intention of my parents to provide a useful and valuable person to the society was contained with the necessity of education which has developed it as a personal value to admire. Education does not only help to understand the critical distinction between good and evil, but it is also a significant tool to acquire economic development. Financial development is one of the most important factors of contemporary life by which

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Introduction to Biometric Identification Database Essay

Introduction to Biometric Identification Database - Essay Example But the evolution of biometrics in the form of automated identification of finger prints, geometry of hand, iris construction, facial structure, genetic makeup etc. is a relatively new phenomenon. Portuguese explorer Joao de Barros also points out1 the existence of Biometrics in China in the 14th century. Barros narrates that Chinese merchants used to stamp their children's palm prints and footprints on a piece of paper with ink. This way the Chinese merchants used to distinguish the young children from one another. This can be termed as the beginning of the modern biometrics. The recent advances in Information Technology and computing have provided newer dimension to this emerging field. During the last couple of decades biometrics has established itself as a comprehensive tool for establishing Identities and Verification. In 1890, Alphonse Bertillon, a Parisian police desk, studied body length to identify criminals. Subsequently the method came to be known as Bertillonage method, which relied heavily on measuring the body length. But the method did not last long as there were many false alarms as a result of false identifications. Thereafter, finger printing became the reliable method of identifying the criminals. There are human rights groups and civil liberties advocates argue that increasing use of biometrics has resulted in trespassing into the privacy of all human beings, but the rise in terrorist activities in recent years has forced the defense and security experts to rely heavily on the biometrics for identifying the mischief makers. Types of Biometrics and their usage A biometric system is designed to test one out of the two possible hypotheses (Wayman et al., 2005): (1) That the submitted samples are from an individual known to the system; or (2) That the submitted samples are from an individual not known to the system. Applications to test the first hypothesis are called "positive identification" systems (verifying a positive claim of enrollment), while applications testing the latter are "negative identification" systems (verifying a claim of no enrollment). Biometrics, in general can be divided into two main groups, physiological and behavioral i. Physiological factors: These factors depend upon the physical structure and appearance of the individual. Iris Scan: The Iris of an individual is scanned to match it with the stored image. Quite often the iris scan may not come out with actual on if the person is putting on dark glasses, or is suffering from some eye disease. Fingerprint: This is one of the oldest tried and tested methods of biometrics. In fact the nail is also included for identification in fingerprinting. Hand: This includes the structure of knuckles, palm and the vascular networking of hand. Face, Earlobe, Lips: The camera scans the facial structure or the fleshy pendulous part of the external ear or lips of the individual. Voice: The voice is also one of the most distinguishing features to identify an individual. Therefore the voice patterns form one of the most dependable biometric measures. Retina: like iris, the retinal structure too provides an insight into the nature and character of the person. DNA: This method too is quite frequently used in a number of cases to establish the identity of the individual. Body Odor and Sweat Pores: There are biometric techniques which can sense the